Bulahdelah Access

The Alum Mountain in Bulahdelah, has recently been declared an Aboriginal place. This means that they have put a ban on rock related activities on the mountain, including climbing, abseiling, gliding etc. You are only allowed to access the area for bush walking at present. It doesn’t look good with a new gate installed and a sign at the base of the mountain. Please refrain from climbing in the area. If access is ever re-established notification will be made here.

Monkey Face Update

Monkey Face has had a quite a few new bolts put in over the last year or so. Some of the details are below:

“Joe’s Climb” 21 = Now has a Lower off, don’t need to use old manky thread.
“Profanity” 21 = Now has a lower off.
“Waynes World” 26, and “Turquosine” 22 = Now have a lower off
“RS” 18 = Top anchor, no longer need to use tree at top.
“No support for the monarchy” 21 = New ring and hex bolt to replace rusted mank.
“Stopper” 14 = Much better top belay, double ring anchor installed.
“New Horizons” 24 = Complete re-bolt 5 new rings and top pitch fixed up with ring.
“Apple Arete” 18 = All bolts replaced with rings.
“Weena” 23 = Replaced to 2 manky hangers with new SSteel ones and new lower off.
“Reptile Park” 23 = Fully re-bolted, 5 rings and new lower off.
“With out a lead” 15 = Lower off installed, old tree fallen down.
“Jear to Delirium” 17 = Added ring to anchor.
“Smear to oblivion” 21 = Installed lower off.
“Shick” 14 = Installed lower off, old tree in bad way.
“2 finger exercise” “3 finger exercise” 23 = Installed lower off.
“Fore arm jolt” 14 = Installed lower off.
“Paul’s Peril” 15 = Installed lower off, no longer need to wade through shitty top!