Monkey Face Update

Monkey Face has had a quite a few new bolts put in over the last year or so. Some of the details are below:

“Joe’s Climb” 21 = Now has a Lower off, don’t need to use old manky thread.
“Profanity” 21 = Now has a lower off.
“Waynes World” 26, and “Turquosine” 22 = Now have a lower off
“RS” 18 = Top anchor, no longer need to use tree at top.
“No support for the monarchy” 21 = New ring and hex bolt to replace rusted mank.
“Stopper” 14 = Much better top belay, double ring anchor installed.
“New Horizons” 24 = Complete re-bolt 5 new rings and top pitch fixed up with ring.
“Apple Arete” 18 = All bolts replaced with rings.
“Weena” 23 = Replaced to 2 manky hangers with new SSteel ones and new lower off.
“Reptile Park” 23 = Fully re-bolted, 5 rings and new lower off.
“With out a lead” 15 = Lower off installed, old tree fallen down.
“Jear to Delirium” 17 = Added ring to anchor.
“Smear to oblivion” 21 = Installed lower off.
“Shick” 14 = Installed lower off, old tree in bad way.
“2 finger exercise” “3 finger exercise” 23 = Installed lower off.
“Fore arm jolt” 14 = Installed lower off.
“Paul’s Peril” 15 = Installed lower off, no longer need to wade through shitty top!

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